Verdict Scale

The Grape Bunch scale is our feeble attempt to be creative and use a wine analogy for a wine book rating scale. While we make references to aging and storing (as it is a wine analogy) we aren’t actually suggesting you buy and store the wine book in your cellar. It is after all an analogy (and a weak one at that).

1 bunch – Sour under ripe grapes to be sold to the nearest jam factory. Do not even attempt to make wine.

2 bunches – A harvest affected by adverse weather conditions leading to a wine that is probably best used for cooking; or given away to someone you don’t particularly like.

3 bunches – Overall a healthy crop of grapes which will produce a nice Wednesday evening wine. This wine is best drunk young.

4 bunches – An excellent crop of grapes giving a beautiful wine to enjoy with a nice meal and good conversation. Good now, but likely even better with a bit of aging.

5 bunches – Vintage of the century! A wine that will go down in history as one of the best ever recorded. Buy as many bottles as you possibly can and store them away for special occasions.