Wine History Books

Wine History Books – Few know the intriguing history of wine, but the books below will take you on a fantastical journey through time putting you front and center in the most important moments in wine history. From scandals to wars these books on wine history will never be a bore!

Donald Kladstrup Wine Book - Wine and War

Wine and War

by Donald Kladstrup

A thrilling and romantic tale of France in the throes of World War II from a neglected historical angle that charms and entertains, but doesn’t do the topic justice. Find out more.

 George Taber Wine Book - The Judgment of Paris

Judgment of Paris

by George M. Taber

The small and little noted tasting in Paris in 1976 of several Californian wines against the top echelon of the French wine industry sparked horror in France and pride in the USA. Enjoy history with our wine book review.

 Elin McCoy Wine Book - The Emperor of Wine

The Emperor of Wine

by Elin McCoy

A detailed look into the life and impact on the wine world of one of the most influential and powerful men in the industry. Discover our wine book review.

 Julia Siler Wine Book - The House of Mondavi

The House of Mondavi

by Julia Siler

A captivating but ultimately sad look at how America’s preeminent wine dynasty rose and fell. Read our wine book review to find out more.

 Tilar Mazzeo Wine Book - The Widow Clicquot

The Widow Clicquot

by Tilar J. Mazzeo

An interesting story, but more fiction than history. Find out why.

 James Gabler Wine Book - Passions



For history buffs interested in knowing more about America’s best known wine connoisseur. Read our wine book review.

Tom Standage Wine Book - A History of the World in 6 Glasses

A History of the World in Six Glasses

by Tom Standage

A brief look at how six beverages (beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and Coca-Cola) changed the world. Read our wine book review to learn more about this exciting wine book.

Hugh Johnson Wine Book - A Life Uncorked

A Life Uncorked

by Hugh Johnson

A charming look at the life of celebrated wine enthusiast / journalist Hugh Johnson. Enjoy our wine book review.