American Wine Books

American Wine Books – Although part of the “New World” a number of informative and entertaining books have been written about the American wine scene. Discover all you need to know about American wine in these handy wine books.

Matt Kramer Wine Book - New California Wine

Matt Kramer’s New California Wine

by Matt Kramer

A thorough examination of the California wine industry including detailed assessments for hundreds of wineries. Find out more about this wine book in our review.

 Charles Olken - Joseph Furstenthal - The New Connoisseurs' Guidebook to California Wine and Wineries

The New Connoisseurs’ Guidebook to California Wine and Wineries

by Charles Olken and Joseph Furstenthal

A reference book of hundreds of California Wines & Wineries. Enjoy our wine book review.

Tony Dimarco Wine Book - The California Winery Guide

The California Winery Guide

by Toni DiMarco

A phone book of wineries in California offering no additional information or value. Find out more in our wine book review.